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What are people saying about James Imburgia Painting Contractor?
Testimonial Letter

Jim Imburgia provided painting and other remodel services to our various homes, rental properties, and offices throughout the past ten-plus years. (And Lord knows, there have been more than a few!) Not being quick studies, on one or two occasions, we strayed and hired other painting contractors. Never Again!

Jim's work is exemplary. He is genuinely nice, thorough, neat dependable and offers exceptional results. Each member of the crew he puts in a home or business mirrors the unusually fine traits Jim wears so well.

Never at any time on any job, have we been disappointed in the outcome of a job performed by Jim Imburiga and his crew. Plus, he has never refused to do a task we requested or change an order we placed. Without exception, his demeanor reflects the customer is always right and he aims to please.

Without hesitation and without qualification, John and I recommed Jim and his work to any of you. It is utter excellence.

If you would like to speak with me, please feel free to call: 214.957-9367.

Yours very truly,
Gayle Mill Albritton

James Imburgia is one of the first people I met when I moved to Rockwall in 1994. I had bought an older home in Chandler’s Landing that need painting badly. Over the years, Jim has painted at least three subsequent houses for me, and for my children. He has truly become our family painter and friend. When I bought a ranch here, Jim not only repainted the house inside and out, but also several miles of pipe fence, in a custom color no less!

Vicki Bennett
Heath, Texas


Having worked with James Imburgia and his firm for more than a decade, I can highly recommend his services. James and his crews have proven to be hard working, honest, reliable and known for their quality work. Contracts where always completed on time at very competive prices. Jobs have been well organized, and with the personal attention James Imgurgia gave each job, made it a pleasure to work with him.


K. Dieter Esch
Rockwall Custom Frame Shop 

Jim Imburgia painted the Lakeside National Bank about 14 years ago in and out. It still looks great! He did a good job and was easy to work with.

Bill Sechrist
Vice President
Lakeside National Bank
I-30 & Ridge Road
Rockwall, Texas

What is the biggest bang for your buck? PAINT. Jim Imburgia is the paint contractor that will make a difference in commercial, residential properties, or your home.

I speak from personal experience. He has helped me sell properties in this current market and he renews my pride in my older home, each time he paints.

Jim Imburgia’s years experience, his positive attitude, his keen eye to color and detail and his choice to have one premier painting crew that he remains with, makes him priceless.

Barbara Allan
Skinner Allan Investments, LLC
Rockwall, Texas

We have had Jim Imburgia do our painting for 10 years. I cannot tell you how please we have been with the quality of their work. I have never had paint on the carpet, trim or anywhere it should not be indoors. They have also painted the outside of our home and we have never had paint on plants or side walk. His crew is totally trustworthy – never have a problem with them being in my home.

They have our highest recommendation!!

James and Debbie Jackson

Jim Imburgia and his crew are the most meticulous, thorough, pristeen painters I have ever known. They have worked in my historic home for years and the quality of their work is impeccable. His team is trustworthy and I feel extremely comfortable leaving my home in their care. Their standards are high and it shows. And, not once have they ever dripped one droplet of paint on the floor! I keep waiting!

Thank you, Jim!

Peg Pannell Smith
Rockwall, Texas

A friend told me of their positive experience with Jim’s work. Within a short time, he was able to complete the work at my home while I was out of town for a few days. What a delight to walk back into a fresh new look

Janene Shanks
Rockwall, Texas

We have been working with Jim Imburgia for 10 years now and we would not dream of having any other painter come into our house. He has painted our house inside and out a number of times over the years and has done a wonderful job each and every time! I know when I call in Jim that it will be done right the first time. I have no problem leaving him alone to work in my home. I know that I can trust him to treat my home like it was his own. He always take the extra time to clean up and make everything look like it did when he arrived. There is not another painter as trustworthy or that will do as good of a job as Jim Imburgia.

Jami Schwartz
Rockwall, Texas



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